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My Experiences


I have very little I can remember about my childhood in Blackfoot, Idaho. Why did 5 of my brothers and sisters die as children? I father was in the Rosecrustions and was able to move a cup with his mind. I was so scared he came home on night and told Mom that he had to get out of it for his family. I am wondered if someone killed them because we were just one of those poor families who were expendable. Why don’t they have any pictures of them? They only have one picture of 4 of the ones that died. One was still born but maybe the aliens took him. I have a horrible memory of seeing one of my brothers Aaron die. I have not seen any birth or death certificates. This makes me remember the children that the aliens took from me.

My first contact at 3 yr. Beegees
My first contact at 3 yr. Beegees

I remember the BEEGEES. They were my friends and they use to come when I was sad. My brothers and sisters were at school… The BGs took me high in their ship. They tickled me and made me happy; they told many things that they never told anyone else. I know where it is, it is in my solar plexus and makes me feel loved and really nice. Since Mom & Dad don’t love us kids…
My Dad was mean to me they were trying to do mean things to us. Pinch me poke me cut me It hurts. Miriam & Ronnie do mean things to me. Don’t do it to no more it hurts. They do naughty things to me. My Daddy he is a minister. He was sick and he couldn’t help himself. I don’t want any of that stuff to happen to my privates anymore. He would Hypnotized me and made me think I was going to see butter flies. But they weren’t butterflies they were mean people. They use to come because my father would take me to basement where the mean people were. I was so scared of the basement. He took me to the basement and is smell dirt and dead. They aliens in the basement. I am so scared of them oh Daddy why did you take me to the basement and give me to the aliens.

Arco Idaho in 1966. I was abducted by aliens they were in hooded cloaks 63135_10151245496871590_2106942159_n[1]and were dark and tall. The last thing I remember I was in my bed room and the next thing I was with a woman with almost albino skin and dark black hair wearing white. She handed me over to the clocked ones. I remember being underground and I was part of a sexual project (Told me I was special chose and part of a special race and bloodline and they own me.) They do sexual perversions to me. It was a horrible ritual I was surrounded by the cloaked ones. I was given drugs that caused extreme sexual arousal a chant was (Abendia) Some names that come up is June & Margie. I was wearing a white robe (Priestess) I was raped and sodomized my men and aliens. The reptilians love to suck up my fear adrenalin. They drink up the fear adrenalin. I and other children are laid out on alter with fire all around us. The energy equated with this ritual abuse but aroused me it made me terrified at the same time. It virtual makes you high. I am told that I am a priestess I chant words I do not know. Was it a horrible dream or perhaps was it a memory from another life,  either way it was a terrifying experience in my life.  experience. We have been led to believe that our day to day life is the only true reality but with your metaphysical teaching you know that is not true. Actually your day to day is the dream. Permission is given on the reality you exist on all the time

“There are a few ways that you are chosen. First one is 09 - Mick Greyour mass mind chooses to live lives as an Earth humans. An individual comes into existence on your planet. They carry with them a signature vibration that is coded within our computer. You may consider it to be like homing device. At a certain development stage which has been decided before incarnation. The signature will be like a beacon to us.”

“Periodically we generate a beam of electromagnetic energy with the request for contact coded within it The vibration within the beam speaks to the overall reality and asks for volunteers . Those who respond with a return vibration are noted and cataloged. They are found when it is appropriate.”

My Hybrid child
My Hybrid child

I have been taken to and shown my children , when they were babies to nurture and hold and bond with them. I have seen all my children for the purpose of bonding more with them showing the Est. how to give love my children ranged in age from infant to teen age. I was told that most children do not make it to adolescence due to the genetic structures and problems.
They teens seemed to be slender and weak. Their skin was shallow and very pale. I was told that since advancements in the hybrid program had happened in the later pregnancies. I have two adult children alive on the ship. I have asked them If I my come back and see them. I had to unblock my energy for them to be able to see me again.
Due to bad experiences with the negatives ETs I had blocked all ETs from seeing me and have cancelled on contracts that I had made with any of the species. I am looking so forward to seeing my children again someday and seeing Iyano again someday


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