Galactic Charts

Have you ever wondered what you Galactic Planet of origin was?  Do you look out into space feeling that you are from out there and you just don’t fit in here on earth?  It is because we are from elsewhere and our hearts and our families are out there. This is but just one of many lives we are experiencing.

I have channeled and developed a Galactic Chart, which,  will enable you to find out your Galactic origin, with the use of a pendulum, that I also include, you can dowse for your answers.  I include packets of information for the different planetary systems including-  races and a brief description of groups who live on the planets, characteristics, special abilities, and language spoken by them. This entire package is offered here:

Galactic Planet Of Origin Chart & Pendulum

    • Complete package – 11 x 17 – $25.00
    • Complete package – 8 x 11 = $20.00 –
    • Packets include:
    • Galactic Chart
    • Crystal Pendulum Included
    •  Galactic Information booklet
    • Instructions.

8″x5″ – pendulum, information folder & instructions – $20.00

7″x11″ – pendulum, information folder & instructions – $25.00