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Miesha Johnston is a Certified Hypnotherapist of A.H.A. and specializes in Past Life Regression, Trauma Recovery Memory Hypnosis, PTSD, ADD & ADHD.  She works with people who’ve had: ET Experiences, MILAB, MK-Ultra, Targeted Individual, Monarch, Montauk, Super Soldier, Secret Space Program, DID, and Ritual Abuse.
The second type of session, I offer, is a, one on one Multidimensional Galactic Light Language Activation Sessions.  Sessions are 1 to 2 hours long and are $99
You will connect with you Galactic Family. I will channel the Galactic light language from your Galactic family. In your session, you will be opened up to talk to your galactic family, ask questions and receive a message from your family through the channel or through yourself. You will receive messages of love and assistance from them, as they are waiting to speak with you. A quote from them: “We Beloved, have been talking to you for so long, to awaken you to your own missions that you came to earth to do.”
In your session, your Galactic family and guides will come through and impart to you why you came to Earth and what your mission is. You will be shown how to connect with your Galactic family so that anytime you want to, you will be able to connect with them so in the future you can ask any questions and they will in turn love, support you unconditionally and share with you all information that is needed. You are a galactic Starseed yourself, you will communicate & receive downloads with your galactic family through your higher self in the aspects of science, physics, music, art, writing, teaching healing and inventions.
This is a combination of Transpersonal and Introspective hypnotherapy techniques including Past Life Regression and connecting with the Divine Light and the Higher Self.  This technique emphasizes the powerful act of forgiveness with ourselves and with others.  
Love & Light
Certified Hypnotherapist of  Hypnosis Motivation Institute

I offer 2 types of sessions
1.     I specializes in ET Experiencer Regressions, Past Life Regression, Trauma Recovery Memory Hypnosis, PTSD, ADD  & ADHD
2.     Multidimensional Galactic Planet of Origin and   mission Activation Sessions. 
 Sessions are 1 to 2 hours long and are $99
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