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The following are excerpts from my book: “Covert Abduction, Military Harassment, Surveillance, Interrogation and mind Control”  Here is a short list of some of the things, I cover in my book:  My childhood experiences including being born into a mind controlled family.  My missing periods of my life in 7 to  8 month periods of time, including a missing wedding and marriage.  I will go into how I am a survivor of Mk-Ultra,  Monarch,  Ritual Abuse,  Psychic Soldiers and  Targeted Individual and who is the Shadow Government, Elite, and Black Ops and what did they do to me.

In 1989 my memories started coming back about my ET and MILAB experiences throughout my life.  I had many anonymous calls telling me to quit. They did not like me waking up! On June 26, 2000, I had an odd car accident with Melinda Leslie.  The next day my car was broken into and my purse, my phone and all my ID including my checkbook were stolen.   I was a victim of identity theft and it caused so many problems with my credit, for several years after.

On June 26, 2000, I had an odd car accident with Melinda Leslie.  The next day my car was broken into and my purse, my phone and all my ID including my checkbook were stolen.   I was a victim of identity theft and it caused so many problems with my credit, for several years after.

MilitaryThe next was August 20, 2000. The first physical warning was after Melinda and I went on Art Bell show.  Soon after the show, we were both abducted out of my house by humans in a dark uniform. Then taken to an underground facility.  Where there were black ops and aliens.

Reptilian on base during Melinda & my abduction
Reptilian on base during Melinda & my abduction

One was a 7 to 8 ft. tall Draconian with greenish gold scaled skin.  He had a long tail that swished back and forth when he walked over to me at the table.





In late 2000 Melinda and I were working on our book.  We were interviewing lots of retired military and Special Forces as well as experiencers.  I have was contacted by a man who sad he was Special Forces.   I set up an interview with him at my home.   The huge man in military uniform, who showed up turned out to be paroled sex offender from Leavenworth. What ensued was a terrifying experience.

-military-special forces jacketLater I  got a call from a man who said he had been Special Forces. He said he had some real good information for me.  Lt. Cornel emblem on the pocket.  He threatened me and my families lives.


Dec 23, 2000, well driving home for the holidays. I was ran off the road by an unmarked white van. After surviving that and returning to  San Diego,  I took my car into the shop for repairs and rented a car.  While I was driving an SUV blew through the red light and hit me broadside, spinning my car around.

Monarch - CopyEarly 2001 I was abducted and raped.  I was I am not sure if the government had sent a rapist after me but I have always wondered. I went to extensive therapy and learned to deal with what he did to me.


This was an awful thing to happen but I’ve had much worse done to me, like what had happened to me during my missing times in 1968 & 1969 (each 7 – 9 month periods).  My memories coming back now. I realized the terrible rape had brought it all back.  My memories of being part of Project Talent; sex slavery, ritualistic abuse and endured many other trauma-based torture methods.  Believe me when I say that what happened to me in that missing period of my life was much worse than the rape.  These things and more will be covered in my books vol 1 & 2.


I have very little I can remember about my own childhood in Idaho. This is where the MK-Ultra story comes into my life.   I believe that my father was mind controlled and part of the MK-Ulta program.  So he was under the control of others when he started the tram based mind control sessions on me. This was when my personality started to split and the alters were born. I found out I was put into service at age 9.  Why did 5 of my brothers and sisters die as children?

M Rogers Magic ShowYears later on his death bed, he made a confession to me.  “I am so very very sorry for what I did to you and what I allowed to happen to you. I had to hand you over to them. It was supposed to be the last child. But the last child died in childbirth. That left you as the last child.  Since you were the youngest and your mother had not gotten as attached to you as she was with the older ones.  I had to turn you over to them.”

Monarch - Copy





My missing periods of my life in 7 to  8 month periods of time, from 1967 to 1968 including a missing wedding and marriage.  But I had most of my life with no real memories I served in the MK_ultra  projects as monarch,  ritual Abuse,  psychic Soldiers, currier, recorder and more.

Project MK-ULTRA is a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military, civilians, men, women, even children and babies. These projects started in the 40s and continue to this day. There are many different projects under the Umbrella of the MK-Ultra here are a few. Monarch, Montauk, Artichoke, Project Talent, President’s Models, Driving Programs, Fairy Tale programming, Manchurian candidates, Super soldiers, Ritual Abuse Programming.  It should be noted that they change the names and are adding new names to the new project. Hypnosis, drugs, and psycho-surgery; separately and combined, were the tools of this quest for the ultimate truth serum on the one hand, and the capability to create an agent who could not have his or her mission tortured out of them, or even be aware that they were carrying secret information given to them in an altered state of consciousness. More and more sophisticated drugs were experimented with, such as LSD, Ketamine, and Psilocybin. Lobotomy and the implantation of electrodes were considered as methods for creating a compliant agent.  That could not have her mission tortured out of her.

My first contact at 3 yr. Beegees
My first contact at 3 yr. Beegees

My childhood memories of ETs.  I remember the BEEGEES.  They were my first ET contact at 3 years old.  I feel they came to help me though my horrible life.  The BeeGees were my friends and they use to come when I was sad.  They were 3ft tall had a round furry body, a round nose, and big round brown eyes.  I thought they were bears.

When I saw the Ewoks on Star Wars, I was blown away, it was them.  That meant someone else had seen them besides me.  Since I have met many others people including a whistleblower who had experiences with beings like this.


I saw my first reptilian in 1965, which at first I was very frightened of due to the unknown and I thought they were going to harm me. I woke up in the middle of the night, there at my windows was 3 small deer. (screen memory) I had seen they many times before.   That night I saw the reptilian on board the ship.  he seemed so familiar to me.


My tall willowy one had been with me for most of my life and was my guide for many of my experiences.  I felt this to be a kind and gentle tall gray about 5 to 6 ft. with opalescent white skin.  That glided in a flowing willowy manner.





In Arco Idaho in 1966, I was abducted out of my room by reptilian in hooded cloaks. Another time I remember being underground and I was part of a sexual project (Told me I was special chose and part of a special race and bloodline and they own me.)  It was a horrible ritual I was surrounded by the cloaked ones.


Iyano my protector and counter part
Iyano my protector and counter part

Iyano came back into my life in 1989.  I had seen him once before in 1966 and I was to find out many other lifetimes. I had many experiences with what I felt was a beautiful form of unconditional love energy.  He stood a 7’5” or taller and was handsome regal Reptilian being. He was sent to also be my protector from some very negative reptilians and humans who had been taken me as a MILAB for years. When he was near no other abductions happened.

One time I was taken on board to the nursery I was given a baby and when I saw her I knew she was mine and held her close and bonded with her. They showed me a vision of other men and women being presented their children and rejecting them, running away, screaming or dropping them. They telepathically told me “This was a success”. I was taken many times to love and bond with my children.


My Hybrid child
My Hybrid child

One night there was a child shown to me that looked different than the rest of my children, who were Grey and human genetics like the Essassani.   This time a child came from the back of the room and walked closer to me.   It was a Reptilian child. He seemed stockier than my other children. His skin was light green with a hint of scales and his forehead came into a v shape coming down between his eyes. His eyes were blue-green and he had such a sweet loving energy. I felt a special deep love for him. I asked who was the father and they told me, “You call him Iyano and the all.” I took that to mean that Iyano and other genetics were used to make my baby.  I feel it is can be a very small percentage of DNA comes from the reptilians.


My adult hybrid
My adult hybrid

Here he is my baby grown up as he is now. I think it is the same child but I’m not sure. I might have two or more reptilian children. I have even been shown another reptilian child this year. These experiences are confusing and I’m still learning things out all the time.






I am so blessed by all of these things that happened to me in my life. I have learned so much from my life experiences, even the negative ones, that I would never change any of them. It has made me a better person. As for the more negative experiences in my life. Well, I guess I was taking care of some karma. Because of all my experiences, I have empathy and compassion for so many who have experienced the same things. All my experiences rather positive or negative have helped me to be a loving and a non-judgmental facilitator for my support groups.  I learned so much from my experiences with all the ETs and the Galactic Federation. We truly are spiritual beings living a human life

I learned you can’t judge an ET (alien) by how they look. Just because they look scary and maybe ugly to you does not mean they are evil. Also just because they come looking human and as a being of light. Does not mean they are from the light. We must be discerning at all time. There is good and bad in all races including the human race. “As above so below”.
I have also been shown that the Star Children (hybrids), that are coming into Earth’s incarnation cycle (a term told to me by the Ets) or as we call it being born now as well as children being born in the last 30 years are here for a purpose and mission. I believe they are bringing love back to our planet. What better people to be a bridge to connect our worlds. I believe they are the future of our world. They are the light in the darkness; they are the hope of tomorrow.

I moved to Las Vegas and I have gone back to facilitating support groups, in fact, a have 14 groups, on the Internet and in my home monthly. I have many other projects going including my Starseed Awakening Radio Show, ET Art Exhibit, I present classes & speakers at my meetup. I will be speaking at 3 conferences in 2017, 1 public engagements and radio interviews. I have my Saturday radio show Starseed Awakening on . Most important we will be opening a school for Starseed Indigo children in 2017.

By Miesha Johnston

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