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My Story

Book cover of Melinda and my book
Book cover of Melinda and my book

The following is a list of all the things the Black Ops did to me that finally caused me quit my research into Mk-Ultra, Targted Individual, Ritual Abuse and Super Soldiers. I had many anonymous calls telling me to quit, throughout 2000. The first thing that could be related to them was. June, 26, 2000 at around 12:00 PM on a very foggy night. I was in a car accident with Melinda Leslie. I was driving my car on Rancho Santa Fe Road just out side town, when a bright light (I don’t know what kind of car could have made such a bright light to blind me) but it shinned in my eyes, blinding me and causing me to slam into the side of a hill. The alternative was to go over a pretty high cliff. The air bags deployed so we were only slightly injured.

The next morning I noticed that my license plate was gone. So I went back to see if I could find it on the side of the mountain. I parked my car, took my keys and started walking beside the rode up the hill. A car went by me then I saw it come back by me. I found my license plate in the side of the hill and started back down the road When I got back to my car I found the window broken on the passenger side and found that someone had stole my purse. I felt pretty hopeless. My purse had my phone and all my idea in it and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to leave the scene and no one else had sopped, since it wasn’t a very well traveled road during working hours.

However, I did not know but there had been an eye witness to the event. I man driving on the road almost hit a truck that squealed out in front of him, he thought this odd and the truck had come from where my car was parked. He saw my window broken and starting following the truck. He pulled up alongside of the truck and saw a man wrapping up his bleeding arm with a rag of some kind. He took a mental picture of the man and fell back behind him and took his license number make and model. Then he returned to help me. He had called the police because they showed up right after.

Even though there was an eye witness and they caught the guy a few days later all my ID and cards were gone. He was an addict and said he sold my driver’s license and social security card and check book on the black market. Before I could get all of my accounts closed.  I was a victim of identity theft and it caused so many problems with my credit, for several years after.

MilitaryThe next was August 20, 2000. The first physical warning was after Melinda and I went on Art Bell show. We worked on our research the next day and that night Melinda stayed with me at my house in La Costa. We woke up the next day and noticed that my coffee table hand been broken. Melinda was sleeping on the couch and she did not remember falling on the coffee table or breaking it. She had to go back home to Laguna Hills. Each one of us felt a very uneasy feeling about that night but we couldn’t put our finger one it. She in Laguna Hills and I in La Cost we both feeling the same very peculiar feelings. We had some odd conversations about how something was wrong. We decided to get hypnotized, so she in Laguna and me with my therapist here got regressed. We found much about the night when a group military black ops, in black uniforms and night vision goggles, had broken into my apartment and had abducted us and taken us in a van to an underground base somewhere in San Diego. She had been woken up by them when they were picking her up off the sofa, she felt drugged but struggled with them and had fallen on to my coffee table breaking it. We were some how drugged because I was basically dragged down my condo stairs and put into a waiting van a man on each side of me. We found that the had put us in the van feet to heads, so if we woke up we couldn’t talk. I also feel they did it that way so we would be confused and not know where they had taken us.

Reptilian on base during Melinda & my abduction
Reptilian on base during Melinda & my abduction

We were both taken to different rooms and interrogated by humans in a dark uniform. The room I was in had everything seemed to be in the darkness because there was a very bright light one me while so I could not make out the walls or see faces. I could see and man in uniform at the door just standing with a large weapon that appeared to be a machine gun. I set up, I was on a table, the kind you see in a doctor’s office but metal. There was a man in another of uniform I feel he was an officer. He told me. “You stupid bitch we have told you to stop talking about ops and aliens. That you might think this is your mission but it is over now.” “You will stop writing the book and stop lectures and never talk about it again. To show you how serious this is I want you to meet someone else.’ Then through the door and out of the darkness came a Draconian. He was close to 7 to 8 ft tall draconian with greenish gold looking skin and scales, he had what appeared to be like skin over his back that could have been like horns and he had a long tail that swished back and forth when we walked over to me at the table. He bent down and who stared deep into my eyes. The horrific vision that was put into my head was terrified me. The image he put into my mind was a terrible vision of my family, my children and grandchild all being dismembered as I watched in horror as, black uniformed Ninjas chopped them up in front of my eyes.

Melinda found out that she had a very similar integration also with a Draconian, this was the first time she had ever seen a reptilian (Draconian). She told me he put an image of him attacking her, raping her and dismembering her. We never talked about till years later. We took pictures of door jams and the break in. I know they wanted us to know that they could come into my house anytime they wanted. Melinda has a copy of my picture in her presentation booklet. We however did not quit our research and continued interviewing people.

In late 2000 we were still researching and interviewing lots of retired military and Special Forces for information for our book. A man contacted me and said he was Special Forces. So I set up an interview with him at my home. When he arrived it seemed like there was no problem even though he was a large black man about weighing about 250. As I interviewed him, he looked like he was getting more and more agitated and all of a sudden he starting acting real crazy. He told me he was sent suppose to kill me. He said “you seem like a nice lady and I feel bad for you because they want you dead, since you won’t shut up, I’m just following orders from the Major he’s my commanding officer. I knew since he was crazy and acted pretty stupid, I might be able to bluff him, so this is what I told him, in the most power demanding voice I could muster, I stood up and paced back and forth in front of him and told him. “I also had a commander, he is a Coronal, my commander is above you Major in rank and my commander’s orders are more important than you Majors. ‘ I told him he had to go back and check with his major to see which orders to follow, that all orders had been canceled by my superior officer the Coronal. Thank God, it worked and I bluffed him into leaving. I went to the police office and reported the threat. The police gave me mug shot books from my description and I pointed him out. It turned out that he was on parole from prison and was a known sex offender. He came back to my house the next night and pounded on my door, I never let him know I was in there. I called the police and he left when he heard siren. I then got a restraining order against him. A few days later the police contacted and told me I would not have to worry about him anymore. That he had violated his parole and had been sent back to prison.

-military-special forces jacketOn Nov, 2000 I got a call from a man who said he had been Special Forces. He said he had some real good information for me. I had learned my lesson from this other dangerous encounter. So from then on I would only do interviews in a public place, until I got to know them and find out if they were safe. I was to meet him in a restaurant bar. I waited he showed up in a green flight jacket with a Lt. Cornel emblem on the pocket. The first words out of his mouth were. “So how is that cute little granddaughter of yours in Las Vegas?” I knew I was in trouble. How did he know I had a granddaughter in Las Vegas? He said, “We know everything about you and your little family.” “We know your granddaughter’s age yours sons age where they work, everything.” “You think you’re so smart little lady but you’re not.” “The people are not ready to hear what you have to say.” What would happen if the masses knew that the aliens were real and that they could come and go as they chose and could abduct anyone they wanted to, without us being able to do anything to stop them”. “The people would be terrified it would cause panic and cause everything to fail.” The world is just not ready to hear this.” “Little girl you need to stop what you’re doing and go find a man get married and forget about all of this, enjoy your sons and your family, and forget about all this.“ “This is not going to bring you any happiness.” He then left but I followed him out the door to see what kind of vehicle he was in. He saw I had followed him out. I guess that pissed him off. Because he proceeded to scream at me in the parking lot and said that “It would be harmful to my family if I continued on the path I was on”. He said “it would be a shame if something happened to you or your family.” He said “there is a big desert out there around Las Vegas” as he was getting into the car he screamed “Keep your f—–ing mouth shut.” A couple in the parking lot asked if I was OK, because they could see how shook up I was, he saw them and got in his black cobra and sped way. I went home that weekend and told my kids, what had happened. We talked it over and they said your need to keep doing what your doing we can take care of ourselves. I continued with my research.

Dec 23 well driving home to Las Vegas for the holidays. I was ran off the road by a unmarked white van. I was driving middle lane at 72 mph with my Cruz control on. A white van passed in the fast lane and disappeared out sight. Shortly after that I came up on a line of tractor trailers in the slow right lane. When all of a sudden the white van pulled from between to trucks and forced me off the road. I went down in the medium and my car when out of control and went up to on coming traffic but I was able to get it under control and got back in the medium where my car hit a cactus tree which finally stopped the car. A trucker and his wife stopped to help me. He said they had seen the whole thing and could not figure what the white van was doing in their lane in the first place. He said it looked like it was intentional.
The trucker said “that was a fine piece of driving keeping, that fire-bird from flipping over. They radioed ahead to other truckers to get their license and called the police for me. The damage to my car was not too bad, just the bumper fell off and other dents on the front hood.
I spent the holiday with my family and I decided I was getting out before something happened to my family. I knew this time they were serious. So I told them I was going back and turning all my interviews, written material and research back to my research partner Melinda Leslie.

When I got back to San Diego I took my car into the shop for repairs and rented a car. I met with Melinda. Well needless to say I turned everything over to Melinda. I wished her luck and told her everything then headed to a friend’s house to give him my books. While I was driving there a SUV blew through the red light and hit me broadside, spinning my car around. The guy who jumped out of the SUV was a large man with a military buzz hair cut. He screamed at me, “that it was my fault and I would have to take the blame.” I knew something was fishy. Just then two people walking down a hill heard him yell at me came over to my car and said they would be my witness.

I thought it was last of it, while I was trying to get on with my life and meet someone for a relationship. I met a guy on a date site. We set up to meet at a golf driving course. As was my custom I only met men in a public place and only in the daytime. When I got there he was drinking a cup of coffee. He asked if I would like one. He went to the snack area and bought the coffee out to me on the driving range. That was the last thing I remembered until I sort of woke up in the woods while he was raping me. But due to the drugs he had given me I could only scream on the inside, I could not fight him off I was unable to control my body or even move it. The next thing I remember is I woke up in my car. He must of giving me a lot of drugs because I could not remember what happen to me until late that night. I was in a fog all day. I called my friend and she met me at a restaurant, I felt very strange but had no memory. As we talked I was having flash backs into the attack. I starting getting more flashes and pieced together my memories of what happened to me. Around 9pm we left and she took me to the police station. After making a full report to the police. The police told me he had probably given me roofies (the date rape drug). When I gave them the location of the attack. They looked at each and they said this was not their jurisdiction it had happen on the border of Carlsbad and they were Oceanside Police. They said they were very sorry but I had to go to the Carlsbad Police Department. I could not go through anything else that night. I did not go to the police until the next morning. The police said they did not have a rape kit at the station and he told me it was probably too late anyway. The policeman at Carlsbad Police Department was mean, cold and accusatory with me. He said “If you go on dating sites you had better expect to meet some perverts, you’re asking for trouble.” “It’s your own fault.” I left after filing a report, he had been cruel and heartless and no help to me.

I was called back by a detective a few days later. He told me I could press charges and go to court but since it was a date rape it was just his word against mine that it ever happened. He had no priors and had never been arrested, he was a solid citizen. He said that if I chose to go ahead with this that when I got on the stand in court, it could get very ugly. I decided not to pursue it any longer.

Monarch - CopyI am not sure if the government they sent the rapist after me but I have always wondered. I went to extensive therapy and learned to deal with what he did to me. This was an awful thing to happen but I’ve had much worse done to me, like what had happened to me during my missing times for those years and my memories coming back.  I was in Project Talent; sex slavery, ritualistic abuse, and many other trauma based torture methods. I have done a lot of work on both missing times in 1968 & 1969 (each 7 – 9 month periods). I have gotten some of my memories back and I have received answers and now realize what happened to me was so terrible; the rape brought it all back. Believe me when I say that what happened to me in that missing period of my life was much worse than the rape.

After this happened, I stopped everything and I never spoke about the UFO/Alien subject again, until 2010.  I moved back to Las Vegas and I have gone back to facilitating support groups in fact a have 12 groups, on the Internet and in my home monthly. I have many other projects going including my Starseed Awakening Radio Show, ET Art Exhibit, I present classes & speakers at my meetup. I will be speaking at 3 conferences in 2015, 2 public engagements and too many to count radio interviews. Most important we will be opening a school for Starseed Indigo children in 2015.

By Miesha Johnston

Below is a link to a very good site if you too are a survivor of Ritual Abuse


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