Sara’s testimonials for Regression Session

Miesha is an exceptional person, with so many wonderful talents. She leads many to a beautiful vision with humbleness and grace. Miesha works very hard, and on her only day off she sincerely wanted to take the time with me for an impressive hypnotherapy session. I was treated with gentleness and professionalism as she quietly led me into a deep state of relaxation. Once there, she helped me to remember different entry points on this beautiful mission we call Life. Someone wise once told me that we have One Life with many Entry Points. With each entry point or life remembered, a very profound message for me of both karmic and spiritual essence, helped me to heal an aspect of my reality today; the best part was that Miesha has the incredible ability to see and feel what you are feeling, and therefore makes her an extremely compassionate and talented hypnotherapist. I am so grateful to Miesha for aiding me in the awakening and healing process. I highly recommend her Hypnotherapy Healing work to anyone who desires deep healing on the journey of Self-Realization.

Sara Skye