Jo Jo

All the decades of trying to find answers to the feelings of negativity and pain… Doctors, medications, psychiatrists, drug abuse, bad marriages, relationships, wanting to die, feeling like Solaris said yesterday like you’ve died a thousand times while living,…. All these decades trying to find the “roots” of issues… Thinking its mommy or daddy, sandbox issues, and you know it’s not… You know there’s this depth to things yet you never had a name for it, let alone think it could even be real, yet you followed synchronicity because it never failed you..ever… And here I am Miesha… Anyway, I guess what I am saying is because I am so wanting to heal and discover healing within, from January to now – October, and it’s just such a short time really, I have literally gone from trying to kill myself to a completely happy, positive, healing person who feels bright and intelligent again. Back to whom I should be and shining like I should be. If it weren’t for your mission to help ones like myself,…well, my missions to do what I’m intended to do wouldn’t have happened. So yes, many books must be written. Many interviews will happen. Many new friends and new places will be seen and known, and my humble gratitude all comes forth from giving thanks to you. I am a changed woman today because of you.  Miesha Johnston because you cared.

Jolene JoJo Seebacher