Andy’s testimonials for Channeling Session


Dear Miesha
I am, along with my Draconian family, is forever thankful that you have conducted a session that have finally brought me and my family together after being separated for years. Through the session, although I felt a strong emotional connection to my family but also get answers to some of my unconscious needs that have been unanswered for years throughout my childhood and adulthood. it was through those moments that I finally felt more empowered as not only I learned that I have a family but also have a group of other people that are with me in this journey to make the Earth a possible learning ground for all beings. May I and my family, along with my father’s friends as the Elders of the Draconians, bless you with the gift that we proudly give to you as a person that bring us together. Now I have more power to start the boarding school that I know will bring the best benefit to those I am serving. Thank you once again and welcome to my family’s legacy.”
-Andy “Ocean Tantric Lama” Lai (founder of Naturopathic Elixir of Life)