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Starseed Awakening Radio Show | Starseed Awakening

Starseed Awakening Radio Show

Please Join me every Saturday at 1:00 PM PDT to 3:00 PM PDT @ www.freedomslips.com 


May 2 – Grant Cameron

May 9 – Jo Ann Summerscales – A.M.M.A.C.H.E

May 16 –  Andrea Sadegh from Austria Traumabased Mindcontrol

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Starseed Awakeningvideo Miesha Johnston

” title=”Bret Oldman author of Children of the Greys”

Niara Isley author public speaker”> 

” title=”Jo Ann Richards, wife of whistle blower Mark Richards, who worked in black ops with several different groups of aliens.

” title=”Rev. Michael JS Carter, M. Div, Author of Alien Scriptures”>
Jujuolui Kuita, Creator of the Star Being & Spiritual Center Jujuolui

My Videos,
” title=”Experiencer et Starseed, Animatrice de groupes d’entre-aide aux contactés et abductés”>

” title=”Positive Reptilian Experiencers”>

” title=”Super Solider Talk Presents – 2013 Super Soldier Summit “>

Starseed Awakening – Loraine Fenton

Starseed Awakening -Ronald Andrews



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