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Miesha Johnston has facilitated support groups have been facilitating groups for over 15 years and on the internet for 4 years. 

She provides weekly private live virtual internet, Experiencer chat groups, so you can share and chat in a private setting. She looks forward to seeing you there. Virtual live Groups on Zoom every Sunday 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM PST.

Starseed Awakening’s Extra-Terrestrial Contactee/Experiencer Facebook Group is for anyone, who either knows or feels like they have had contact & experiences with extraterrestrials or inner-dimensional. It does not matter if they are physical or astral. They can have been any type, human, grey, mantis, reptilian, mammalian or any MILAB experiences. (military re-abduction).

A Starseed is a person whose origin is from another planet. Starseeds of Light agreed to forget who they are when born as humans. Many come with special missions to serve humanity in some way. They are now awakening to who they really are and sense that something spectacular will happen soon. Many of us have on going relationships with our Galactic Family. Many here are experience’s of ET contact and are learning what it means to have these connection in this life time. We believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

This is a Facebook group where you can talk with other Starseeds and seekers of the light. You can share and spend time with people who really understand and know how you feel. This is done through our live support groups that meet bi-weekly. I have been facilitating support groups for many years. others who understand and will not judge anyone’s experiences.​

This group is for people to post and share their experiences. Post pictures, writings, audios, videos that you made, nothing will be judged or ridiculed. These are my hard and fast rules. I want it to be a safe place where you can talk with others who understand and will not judge anyone’s experiences. 

About Mk-Ultra, DID, Milab, Monarch, Super Soldier, T.I. & Ritual Abuse Support Groups

This group was created by survivors of the different types of MK-Ultra programs. We as survivors who want to help other survivors. We are not professional therapist or counselors and are not responsible for anyone’s mental health. We feel that are group members, as survivors will receive some of their answers they seek. We are providing a safe place to learn, share and talk with others who have had similar experiences. I offer information to educate people about these subjects. As survivors, we realized there is no one with all the answers for us and we are learning to find our own answers.

If you feel you may be a victim of any types of these programs. Make sure you are at a place in your life where you are ready to uncover the truth. Discovering the truth about your experiences can be alarming and traumatic. It could be detrimental to your well-being and possible your life. Everyone in this group is responsible for themselves and their own healing and being cautious and taking it slow is better than uncovering too much too fast. We are dedicated to becoming empowered in our life once again and taking control of our life back.

Project MK-ULTRA, is a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military, civilians, men , women, even children and babies. These projects started in the 40s and continue to this day. There are many different projects under the Umbrella of the MK-Ultra here are a few. Monarch, Montauk, Artichoke, Project Talent, President’s Models, Driving Programs, Fairy Tale programming, Manchurian candidates, Super soldiers, Ritual Abuse Programming. It should be noted that they change the names and are adding new names to new project.

There is a covert unit within the CIA & NSA that also targets individuals with a form of functional Remote Neural Monitoring, which is capable of extracting EEG data directly from the person’s brain from a distance with no contact required. The NSA can decode the data and extract visual and auditory data. The technology also employs ELF Extra Low Frequencies to communicate voice-to-skull transmission which produces voices and frequencies in the targets head, that when reported is called schizophrenic symptoms. ELF signals are used to communicate with Naval submarines and other military installations. These scalar waves are also used by some agencies for similar purposes of synthetic telepathy and harassment. Audible and holographic projections are also used to confuse and experiment on the person experiencing the torture and the final trademark of this type of harassment involves gang stalking and even abduction, drugging and rape are reported by many.

Miesha Johnston provides weekly private live virtual internet, Experiencer chat groups, so you can share and chat in a private setting.She looks forward to seeing you there. Virtual live Groups on Zoom every Thursday 3:00PM to 7:00 PM PST.

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