For Contactees and Experiencers

Miesha Johnston is a Certified Hypnotherapist of A.H.A. and specializes in Past Life Regression, Trauma Recovery Memory Hypnosis, PTSD, ADD & ADHD.  She works with people who’ve had: ET Experiences, MILAB, MK-Ultra, Targeted Individual, Monarch, Montauk, Super Soldier, Secret Space Program, DID, and Ritual Abuse.

Specializing in ET Experiencer Regressions, Past Life Regression, Trauma Recovery Memory Hypnosis, PTSD, ADD  & ADHD

Galactic Genealogy

For Contactees and Experiencers

You will connect with your Galactic Family. I will channel the Galactic light language from your Galactic family. In your session, you will be opened up to talk to them, ask questions and receive a messages through the channel or through yourself. You will receive messages of love and assistance from them, as they are waiting to speak with you. A quote from them: “We Beloved, have been talking to you for so long, to awaken you to your own missions that you came to earth to do.”

Psychic Experiencer


Understand Your Personal Contact

I use me very own psychic reading oracle deck dedicated to the topic of Ufology and extraterrestrial contact, intended to help you understand the nature of your own UFO and ET experiences. You will find that each type of contact agenda is represented. There are even cards to represent the origins of being involved in your experiences. These psychic readings are most appropriate for questions about your own experiences, whether you remember them fully or not.

50 Minute Experiencer Card Reading $99.00.

Decks are also for sale...

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