Have you Experienced The UNIMAGINABLE? Price includes cards and guidebook.


The ET Experiencer Oracle Deck, The UNIMAGINABLE is dedicated to the various topics of surrounding Ufology, Extra-Terrestrial Contact, MILAB Experiences & Mk-Ultra Projects. The deck is designed to give answers about all aspects of these Phenomenon. It will help you understand the nature of your experiences whether they are with Extra Terrestrials or Humans.

You will find that each type of contact agenda is represented as well. There are even cards to represent the origins of beings involved in your experiences. Tune-in intuitively after choosing your cards and let your inner guidance explain more about how it resonates with you.


Miesha Johnston is Contactee / Certified Hypnotherapist and Seasoned Group Facilitator. www.StarseedAwakening.org


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ET Experiencer Oracle Deck - The UNIMAGINABLE

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