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Miesha is an exceptional person, with so many wonderful talents. She leads many to a beautiful vision with humbleness and grace. Miesha works very hard, and on her only day off she sincerely wanted to take the time with me for an impressive hypnotherapy session. I was treated with gentleness and professionalism as she quietly led me into a deep state of relaxation. Once there, she helped me to remember different entry points on this beautiful mission we call Life. Someone wise once told me that we have One Life with many Entry Points. With each entry point or life remembered, a very profound message for me of both karmic and spiritual essence, helped me to heal an aspect of my reality today; the best part was that Miesha has the incredible ability to see and feel what you are feeling, and therefore makes her an extremely compassionate and talented hypnotherapist. I am so grateful to Miesha for aiding me in the awakening and healing process. I highly recommend her Hypnotherapy Healing work to anyone who desires deep healing on the journey of Self-Realization.

Sara Skye

I am, along with my Draconian family, is forever thankful that you have conducted a session that has finally brought me and my family together after being separated for years. Through the session, although I felt a strong emotional connection to my family but also get answers to some of my unconscious needs that have been unanswered for years throughout my childhood and adulthood. it was through those moments that I finally felt more empowered as not only I learned that I have a family but also have a group of other people that are with me in this journey to make the Earth a possible learning ground for all beings. May I and my family, along with my father’s friends as the Elders of the Draconians, bless you with the gift that we proudly give to you as a person that bring us together. Now I have more power to start the boarding school that I know will bring the best benefit to those I am serving. Thank you once again and welcome to my family’s legacy.”

Andy “Ocean Tantric Lama” Lai (founder of Naturopathic Elixir of Life)

Iconnected with my galactic family and has left me feeling extremely happy and fulfilled..since all my earth family has passed on! I know now how to communicate with them and wouldn’t change that for the world. I can say I am a different person now because of Miesha’s gifts♡.  I was also regressed back to up to 7 lives which helped me see the things that are with me today in this life. I thought I’d share my testimony with all that are in this group. This group is unique and of great service to us that are members! Miesha, our facilitator is pure Love & Light….then you Meisha..I can’t say enough about you! We are blessed to have you.

Paloma Linares

Just had a fantastic hypnotic regression to find out more details about my ET Contact experiences with Miesha Johnston, I would recommend her to anyone wishing to open their Akashic records and have your questions that you’ve wondered about for years answered , we are blessed to have such an experienced guide to show us the way, love to you Miesha , we are blessed.

Nikki Colomba

At a time I was a Las Vegas UFO Hunter, (aside the UFO meetups) I attended a few really needed meetups that Miesha facilitated. I was able to open a world of memories of my personal CE's. The door was open to people willing to listen and provide their own inputs and/or opinions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT for those persons seeking a relief from bottled up feelings deriving from paranormal experiences.

All the decades of trying to find answers to the feelings of negativity and pain… Doctors, medications, psychiatrists, drug abuse, bad marriages, relationships, wanting to die, feeling like Solaris said yesterday like you’ve died a thousand times while living,…. All these decades trying to find the “roots” of issues… Thinking its mommy or daddy, sandbox issues, and you know it’s not… You know there’s this depth to things yet you never had a name for it, let alone think it could even be real, yet you followed synchronicity because it never failed you..ever… And here I am Miesha… Anyway, I guess what I am saying is because I am so wanting to heal and discover healing within, from January to now – October, and it’s just such a short time really, I have literally gone from trying to kill myself to a completely happy, positive, healing person who feels bright and intelligent again. Back to whom I should be and shining like I should be. If it weren’t for your mission to help ones like myself,…well, my missions to do what I’m intended to do wouldn’t have happened. So yes, many books must be written. Many interviews will happen. Many new friends and new places will be seen and known, and my humble gratitude all comes forth from giving thanks to you. I am a changed woman today because of you.  Miesha Johnston because you cared.

Jolene JoJo Seebacher

Sessions with Miesha Johnston are the best thing I ever experienced. She knows more about the topic (MK, SRA, SSP, time travel, etc.) in practise than anyone else, so she is not easy to be tricked by false memories and also knows intuitively as well as knowledge based, which question to ask during regression. Her patience, empathy and compassion are unsurpassed as well as her ethics, what is even more important within these intel black ops operations, many of us are trapped, most often our whole lives. Andrea Sadegh, founder and owner – network against torture on toddlers and children.


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