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Galactic Light Language Classes

Galactic Light Language

10 Week Series

Hosted by Miesha Johnston

We are multidimensional beings with many levels/layers of soul awareness. At this time we chose to live as a human on Earth. Light language is the language of the creator and the galactic tongues used to communicate with our star family, spirit guides, and multidimensional soul aspects. Some are even the languages of nature spirits. These lands are spoken directly to our hearts. These unknown tongues are languages we may have spoken in ancient times or past lives–perhaps on Earth (as in Lemuria or Atlantis), other lives off this planet and in other dimensions.


When spoken verbally, it can create, bring an answer, message, blessing, or healing for our highest good. It can shift energy faster than any tool, you could use, tho tools such as crystals and crystal pendulum can be used to dowse and help you confirm your connection to these energies! We speak the languages that contain the frequencies and bandwidth that we most resonate with. That’s why not everyone’s language sounds the same. We each have a piece of the puzzle and the more we speak our part, the more we all connect and heal our self, others and the world.


The language of light can be spoken, sung, danced, automatic writing , gestured (intuitive sign language) or expressed through other artistic manners. The gestures of light language look like an intuitive sign language. We use light language and galactic codes to move beyond the mind to reach the heart, soul, and body at an atomic level. This opens more strands of DNA, brings closure to outstanding issues, and releases trauma from the cells of the body.


What are secret Codes? Yes the language often speaks in codes. Many of the codes are secret messages to us and need to be secret so that the power that control the airwaves of Earth will not be able to decipher the messages that are to be kept secret. In the future these messages will be used as codes to send secret dates, times, locations, duties and missions from the galactic Mission control and the command center. You as ambassadors will also be able to understand other races with these codes. To be able to tell who service to others is and who is service to self.


What do the symbols mean? These symbols provide a visual record of the codes that are transmitted during the activation. Focusing on them can provide a connection with your higher self and help you more receive more information. As these codes are activated, your soul receives messages on a quantum level, making your guidance clearer.


Does each symbol have a meaning? Yes, and no. It is not like the English language where each symbol is a letter or word. Each symbol is like shorthand and some may contain as much information as a book. You can gain insight from one symbol or from the big picture. Some are like mapping coordinates that locate blockages in the body or in the cosmos that apply to you.


Anyone who is advancing spiritually through purification processes such as shadow work or inner child healing is likely to activate light language when the path to the soul’s authenticity is clear. The best way to activate your soul’s language is to be around others who are speaking it. When this cosmic energy is moving, all you have to do is allow yourself to be awakened by the loving current of your own divinity.

There will be a fee of $35 per class. If you purchase all 10 classes you will receive 25% off. Feb, 5- April 30th
Limited space available, only 10 people per class. You can sign up through my FB messenger and also pay through Pay Pal.

Please make your payments through Facebook Messenger or by PayPal to

The classes will include the following: • Introductions & Demonstration of light language - Free • Teaching: “What is Light Language?” • Am I making it up • Canceling the outside noise including the monkey mind • Group activation with Qui Gong and toning • Demonstration of light language • Automatic Writing & Writing codes • Translating the languages and codes • Activation with gesturing, signing, and movement • Sharing experiences • Group Light Language sessions during and after class has ended.

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