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Las Vegas Groups

About the UFO Group of Las Vegas

We present well-known speakers in the back room of Mc Mullins Irish Pub (free from noise and smoke), on the 4th Thursday of every month. Let’s meet and discuss UFO’s! If you have had an actual encounter, just want to know more, or know someone who has made contact with UFO’s, this may be the group for you! We are open-minded and will listen without judgment as you share your experiences.

The skies are alive with activity here in Las Vegas and lots of us have had experiences. Why not share those experiences where no one will laugh at you and tell you, “It was a weather balloon!” We also offer a private experiencer group at my home twice a month. Starseed Awakening & Psychic Awareness Group also on meetup. A place where you can feel free and open to you share your ET & MILAB 



About the Las Vegas Starseed Awakening & Psychic Awareness Group

The purpose of this group is to offer a place where everyone’s Intuitive talents can be developed.

We are moving toward a spiritual awakening on this planet. As we become more…

Future Project 'Starseed Learning Center'

Miesha Johnston is planning n opening a Learning Center for children and their parents as well as the entire public. This center is to be in place when more of our memories return to us about our contact and our connection to our Galactic Families and what our individual missions are. This is also a time when more frequent experiences are happening, to assist in our awakening and the subsequent ascension of the Earth. The children call it “The New Earth” or “The Time of Great Change.”

We will provide classes & groups for star children and teens also known as indigo, Crystal & Rainbow children and their parents. Our dream is to help parents understand their extraordinary kids. We will start with toddlers and go through teens in high school. Rather children are home schooled or not they can all benefit from this after school center. We will provide a place for the children to join with others to work on their wonderful abilities. These children are born with higher IQs and psychic abilities. Their DNA or what they like to call (Junk DNA) is more prevalent than any other generation. We would like to provide a place where the children do not need to hide their abilities but can flourish and learn how to connect with their own identities, abilities/gifts, missions, and higher consciousness. We will also offer in our center, the following:

• A lecturer hall for speakers, lectures and workshops, Entertainers, New ET Movie screenings. Classes on waking up your abilities in Psychic, Remote Viewing, Automatic writing and Channeling and Speaking the Light & Galactic Languages.
• Music Classes and & video making studios -where starseeds of all ages can work on their music and song writing such as “Music of the Galactic”!
• Art gallery for experience’s art to be shown and sold.
• Bookstore and gift shop where people can sell their UFO related art work, statue, books and music.
• Publishing company for starseeds of all ages to aid and support them in writing their own stories.
• Library & Bookstore and gift shop. Where people could sell their UFO related art work, statues, shirts, clothing, handcrafts, books and tapes. (sub-contractors)
• Alternative health & wellness practitioners. Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regressions & Energy Healings; Multi-Dimensional Healings and other healing modalities. (sub-contractors)
• Starseed Awakening Webcast Group on the Internet. It would be a group where 12 or more people could streaming live chat and share in a Support Group.
• We feel our facilities we offer Starseeds of all ages the ability for everyone to profit from this Center.


We are looking for other people and investors, who may feel like any part of our mission Starseed Awakening Center, might be your mission too.

We are seeking volunteers and sub contractors for above classes, who have a strong understanding of these special children.
We cannot do this alone but we can do it together as a team. “Star Team”!!

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