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About Miesha



My-picture-1-2013In 1992 Miesha Johnston founded the STAR FAMILY CONTACTEE GROUPS. These groups are for people who are experiencer’s: men, women, teens and children who are contactee/experiencers (abducted) by ETs. Miesha started the first teen and children’s groups in the United States in 1994.

Miesha was also a former director of U.F.O.C.C.I. (UFO CONTACT CENTER INTERNATIONAL) and CELESTIAL CONTACTS OF NEVADA. She was a working group member of Steven Greer’s C.S.E.T.I. In Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to San Diego in 1998 where she was the Coordinator of the Art Bell Chat Club San Diego Chapter. Miesha have been interviewed on many radio shows and has spoken at UFO Conventions through out California, Colorado and Nevada.

Miesha researched with Melinda Leslie for a MILAB book until 2001 but due to many threats on her and her family’s lives, she quit her research. Miesha’s story has been featured in 3 books.

As a 2nd generational experiencer Miesha had her first experience at age three. With having had numerous contacts and abductions Miesha has been involved with at least 5 different alien types to include: grays, insectoids, mammalians, reptilians, and human looking groups. Miesha had many MILAB experiences and has been in underground bases which included a black ops branch of our government, some Grey and Reptilian factions. She has had three periods of missing time lasting as much as 8 months.

Her experiences and what she has learned from them has prepared her for her mission. How are we to know the polarities of life, unless we experience them? Miesha moved back to Las Vegas and started the group up again in 2010.

In Miesha’s many years as a support group facilitator she has discovered techniques which will help the individual find their OWN answers, transmute their fear and reach their own transformational path. You realize you truly are a “spiritual soul having a human experience”.

Miesha feels that the information that is coming out now is the most important thing in the history of the world. So many experiencer’s and Starseeds are wakening up and remembering. She believes that Planet Earth is evolving into the next dimension! Miesha now facilitate two groups. Starseed Awakening and Psychic Awareness (meet up) and Starseed /Experiencer Support Groups.

Miesha facilitates (10) Starseed Awakening and Starseed Experiencer/Contactee support groups a month. Two (2) are in a private residence in Las Vegas each month. The others are bi-weekly on the internet on Google Hangout. Also feel free to connect with Miesha at the following locations:

Website : Starseed Awakening


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