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Virtual Groups Membership

Miesha Johnston has facilitated support groups for over 30 years and on the internet for 8 years on Zoom. Experiencer Support groups allow you to share and chat in a private and, safe setting from your phone or computer.

Varying support groups topics and times, check on schedule below, times change weekly, so all time zones can attend. The groups are Pacific Standard Time. Groups  are offered  three  times a week and are 2 to 3 hours long, depending on how many are in group. To participate in groups, you can become a subscribing member and have access to as many groups each month as you would like to attend. All invite links are sent to the email you signed up with. Fill out form and put your name as well as your email and phone.  Please check your spam folder for invite links.The subject will read Starseed  Awakening Support Group ID# & Password