Aliens in Casinos

By Preston Dennett(excerpted from “UFOs over Nevada”)


One unique feature of Nevada encounters are the large number of cases in which UFOs have been seen hovering at low altitude over various casinos. These “casino encounters” are not limited to simple sightings; in a few cases witnesses have reported seeing alleged ETs inside casinos, mingling unnoticed with the diverse group of casino visitors and tourists. As outrageous as this sounds, the cases are numerous enough to provide corroboration among each other.

First, let’s examine some cases of sightings over Casinos. On February 13, 1996, numerous residents in the Reno area observed a bizarre-looking glowing object hovering at a low altitude over downtown Reno. The first reports flooded into local police stations around 5:30 p.m. Four people said that they stood outside the Gold Dust Casino for about one hour watching the object, which they described as dark-colored, but glowing so brightly that it appeared to have a halo around it.

Another witness was Jason Ruiz, who saw the object close-up with a small group of people. Says Ruiz, “It was black and it looked like it had a like a force field around it. We didn’t see any planes for a half hour, and it wasn’t a helicopter.”

Yet another witness was Charles Gilliam, who was at the intersection of Second and Keystone when he looked to the south and saw the object hovering only about 1500 feet above the horizon. Says Gilliam, “It hovered in the same spot for about a half-hour and then it jutted up and down across the sky.”

Police investigators called the control tower workers at Reno/Tahoe International Airport, but the radar operators said they had no unexplained activity on their scopes. The police learned that the local First Interstate Bank released a small group of balloons in the area around the time of the sightings, however, the witnesses say that what they observed was not a balloon, but a glowing object.

On May 2, 2000 at around 11:10 p.m., Robert O. was in the Valley View/Diablo area (south of Tropicana) with a group of four other people when they saw three “star-like” objects moving across the cloudless night sky. According to Robert, the objects “circled, merged, formed triangles and other geometric shapes, hovered, faded in and out [and] performed extraordinary aerodynamic feats not associated with any craft I am aware of.”

Robert and the other witnesses were impressed. Robert describes himself as “a skeptic of UFO stuff,” but admits that the movement of the objects was “mystical.”

As they watched the display, their attention was suddenly drawn to another much larger object scooting across the sky. Says Robert, “It appeared to be a giant building with no lights, very, very large…no noise. [It was] very hard to discern the shape as the object was only a small shade lighter than the background sky.”

The witnesses were unable to estimate the exact size or distance of the object, which moved northward across the sky in thirty seconds. Robert guesses that the object was about two to five miles away, and the size of a 70 to 100-story building. It reminded him of the Empire State building. He could see the large casinos on the Las Vegas strip one mile away, and the object was at least four times larger than those buildings.

It was 2:30 a.m. sometime in the year 2000 when a man and his wife were in their room in the Binions casino. The husband had stepped out onto the balcony to have a cigar while his wife rested in bed. Out of the corner of his eye he saw what he first thought was a jet coming in for a landing at nearby Nellis AFB. Suddenly, the object turned towards downtown Las Vegas, moving toward him. It instantly became clear the object was not a plane. According to the witness, “It was huge–by huge I mean at least a mile long, and I think about four stories high. And it blended in with the night.” He jumped out of his chair and watched the object disappear behind the Fitzgerald’s Casino, and the reappear heading slowly west. He called for his wife to come look, but by the time she arrived, the craft had leveled off, becoming almost invisible. All she could see was “something dark.” Said the husband, “To me, when it leveled off it looked like some kind of cloak, like on the TV show Star Trek. It went right over the Stratosphere Casino.”

The Casino encounters are not limited to simple sightings. In some cases, aliens are actually seen inside casinos.

(The drawing is of similar beings from a Roswell witness)

According to a well-known Las Vegas researcher, in the mid 1980s (exact date unknown), she was contacted by a gentleman who worked in Las Vegas at a major casino. He declined to name the actual casino, but told the researcher that it was his job to sit in a separate room where he monitored the security cameras that had been placed in strategic locations throughout the casino. Whenever he observed suspicious behavior or cheating, he was immediately to report the incident to his supervisor so that action could be taken against the violator.

One day, while monitoring the dozens of video screens, one of them showed something incredible. This particular camera was hidden in the ceiling of the casino and looked down on the table from about a 45-degree angle above.

The video showed that there was a group of six or seven normal-looking people playing cards around one of the tables. However, among this group of people were two strange-looking people. They were about five feet tall, with slightly larger than normal bald heads and dark eyes and a very small nose and mouth. They were wearing strange white tunics or robes. They appeared to be observing the game as it was being played.

The security officer could hardly believe what he was seeing. Although the figures were humanoid, they were clearly not human. Even stranger, however, was that nobody in the casino seemed to notice them. Often there were some wild characters who came into casinos dressed in strange costumes, but they always attracted attention. These figures were attracting no attention at all, and yet, if they were in costumes, it was the best the security officer had ever seen.

By this time, all the personnel in the video room were gathered around the video monitor watching the strange event unfold. Then something happened which convinced all of them that the figures were not human.

The cameras in the casino are hidden very well behind mirrors and other innocent-looking objects. Only a few of the casino employees knew where the security cameras were located. As the security officers watched the video, to their amazement, one of the weird-looking figures lifted his head and stared directly into the security video camera. He clearly knew he was being filmed. The casino employee who revealed this incident declined to provide further info. The event was quickly covered up, he said, but he did manage to sneak out at least two snapshots taken from the security video, which he provided to the Las Vegas researcher. The photographs clearly show the two figures standing next to the gambling table. The photographs, if true, are nothing less than incredible.

In July 1990, London native Brian Hampton (a 47-year-old professor of history) decided to visit Las Vegas. His wife had recently died and he hoped that a trip to the United States would help him to start over.

In Las Vegas, he stayed at the well-known establishment, Circus-Circus. He enjoyed walking the strip and gazing at the neon lights. One afternoon as he walked along a busy street just off the strip and next to a casino, he saw two women looking at the sky. He also glanced up to see what they were observing. Says Hampton, “There in the sky were two round disks. Two UFOs. They bloody well just hung there. A few other people stopped and looked but nobody got excited. I thought, these bloody yanks must have seen this before.”

The objects were round, gray in color with a dark band around the edge and a dark circle in the center. The two objects hovered closely together, almost directly overhead. Camera in hand, Hampton quickly snapped a photograph.

At that instant, the object on the left turned white and began to wink out. Then the second object began to turn white. Hampton quickly snapped a second photograph as both objects disappeared.

Both photographs, when developed, showed exactly what Hampton had seen–two clearly unidentifiable flying objects. However, Hampton’s ordeal wasn’t over. Before developing the photographs, he went back to Circus-Circus to retire for the evening.

While undressing in his hotel room, he heard what sounded like children running in the hallway outside. Then the noises came again, only this time, they were coming from the bathroom inside his room. The bathroom door was closed, so Hampton stood up and said loudly, “Come out of there now. What are you doing in my room?”

There was no answer, so Hampton slowly opened the door. When it was half-way open, whoever was in the room “suddenly slammed the door back closed.”

Says Hampton, “I angrily pushed on the door and they pushed back. With the door partly open once again, I slide my arm along the inside bathroom wall to turn on the light which I did, but immediately ‘they’ turned the light back off and powerfully slammed the door. Now I was bloody well angry. I got down on the floor and braced my back against the closet wall, my feet against the bath door, and kicked it open. This was a bad idea!”

Only half-realizing that he wasn’t dealing with children, Hampton could hardly believe what happened next. As he says, “When the door opened, at least six dark gray shield ‘things’ came jumping through the open door. I now it sounds bloody crazy and I have never told anybody but I know what I saw.”