My Story

In 1989 my memories started coming back about my ET and MILAB experiences throughout my life.  I had many anonymous calls telling me to quit. They did not like me waking up!  I had a many automobile accidents. I was a victim of identity theft.

In late 2000 Melinda, when Melinda Leslie and I were working on our book we were writing together.  We were abducted and taken to an underground facility.  Where there were black ops and aliens.

Reptilian on base during Melinda & my abduction

Early 1968 through 1970,  I had 2 missing periods of time,  (each 7 – 9 month periods). I have memories of being part of Project Talent;  and the Monarch Project, sex slavery, rape,  ritualistic abuse and endured many other trauma-based torture methods.  These things and more will be covered in my books vol 1 & 2.

Project MK-ULTRA is a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military, civilians, men, women, even children and babies. These projects started in the 40s and continue to this day. There are many different projects under the Umbrella of the MK-Ultra here are a few. Monarch, Montauk, Artichoke, Project Talent, President’s Models, Driving Programs, Fairy Tale programming, Manchurian candidates, Super soldiers, Ritual Abuse Programming.  It should be noted that they change the names and are adding new names to the new project. Hypnosis, drugs, and psycho-surgery; separately and combined, were the tools of this quest for the ultimate truth serum on the one hand, and the capability to create an agent who could not have his or her mission tortured out of them, or even be aware that they were carrying secret information given to them in an altered state of consciousness. More and more sophisticated drugs were experimented with, such as LSD, Ketamine, and Psilocybin. Lobotomy and the implantation of electrodes were considered as methods for creating a compliant soldier that couldn’t have thier mission tortured out of  them.


I have very little I can remember about my own childhood in Idaho. This is where the MK-Ultra story comes into my life.   Why did 5 of my brothers and sisters die as children?  Years later he gave me a death bed confession.

My childhood memories of ETs.  I remember the BEEGEES.  They were my first ET contact at 3 years old.  When I saw the Ewoks on Star Wars, I was blown away, it was them.  That meant someone else had seen them besides me.

I saw my first reptilian in 1965, I was very frightened .  That night I saw the reptilian on board the ship.  He seemed so familiar to me.

My tall willowy one had been with me for most of my life and was my guide for many of my experiences.  I felt this to be a kind and gentle tall gray about 5 to 6 ft. with opalescent white skin.  That glided in a flowing willowy manner.

In Arco Idaho in 1966, I was abducted out of my room by reptilian in hooded cloaks. Another time I remember being underground and I was part of a sexual project (Told me I was special chose and part of a special race and bloodline and they own me.)  It was a horrible ritual I was surrounded by the cloaked ones.