Psychic Self Defense

by Miesha Johnston

Here you will find a set psychic self defense methods that will be able to help you in your everyday life. We will also explain how these techniques work using simple and easy to understand language and examples. However, for in depth knowledge on psychic self defense and the most effective ways of protecting your own energy – please see our psychic defense webinars.

First technique that we would like to share is the one we call “a mirror”. It is even used in social psychology and mediation sessions. To use this technique you just have to use your imagination and ability to visualize. If you are being “a kid” when you activate the techniques you make them much more effective. When you are serious and concentrate too much on how they work, you make it less effective because you are not allowing your subconscious mind to play. In the end, the playful state of your subconscious mind is what really powers your psychic protection. If subconscious mind is not playing – it gives your conscious mind a chance to take the control (conscious mind is too slow to process the information needed to create a working thoughtform). So don’t forget to be in a playful state when doing the psychic defense techniques.

With “a mirror” technique you just need to imagine a mirror between you and the person who is acting aggressive or sends negative energy your way. The mirror should be facing the aggressor. Another effective way to use the “mirror” is to imagine the person you want to protect from in a cylinder with the mirrors inside. This way, wherever the aggressor looks, he or she will see and feel the negative energy that will be reflected off the mirrors. The attacker would have to deal with all the negative energy he or she is producing. In other words when you activate “a mirror” psychic self defense technique around a person who is very aggressive, you are showing this person how he or she looks when in an aggressive state, and that is often not a really pretty picture. Since people in general striving to be good (some just do it or show it in a very strange way) after they see the true self in the angry state they would want to calm down and change something about themselves, or they might just get really scared from what they see and would get a desire to run away. This technique just shows people the true face of the negative energy or aggression they produce. When you use this method of psychic defense on a person, you are just showing this person’s subconscious mind – you should treat others the way you want treated.

You can also start by practicing this technique on yourself when you are being aggressive. This will give your subconscious mind a sense of what is happening with your own energy when you are being aggressive or negative towards someone. And as always please do not forget to clean after yourself. Please turn off the techniques after you are done with them. Just as you visualized that this mirror (or a cylinder with mirrors inside) is there, you just need to visualize that the mirror is no longer there. This simple action will turn off the effects and the psychic defense technique itself.

Second technique that we would like to give you is the one we call – “a cross”. It is a very simple psychic defense technique to use – all you have to do is once again use your creative visualization skills and imagination. You can use this as a psychic shield when someone is acting really aggressive towards you or you feel that the safety of your energy is at risk. This method of psychic defense is more powerful then the “mirror” technique. The figure of a cross symbolizes the energy flow in human body – we all have a vertical and a horizontal energy streams. Thus, the visualization of a cross (or thoughtform of a cross) straitens those streams and if a person still wants to go against the stream by being aggressive and sending “negative energy” then he or she will get tired really fast, feel sleepy or even pass out (depending on how powerful his negative energy is). The main thing to realize is that you are not harming another person in any way when you are using this method of psychic self defense. All that you are doing is showing person’s subconscious mind how energy streams should be flowing and if the person still persists and fights the natural way of things, then he or she just gets the recoil from own incorrect actions.

So, all that you have to do to make this psychic defense technique work – you visualize a cross between you and the person you are trying to protect yourself from (you can put yourself in the circle of crosses if you want, however it will require more energy from you). Another way to use this psychic protection is to visualize “a cross” inside the person’s body, the main idea is to make sure that person’s subconscious mind is able to see “the cross” and straiten the energy streams accordingly. In a way you are creating a thoughtform that tells another person’s subconscious mind to take this structure into account when he or she interacts with you and surrounding environment.

Please also keep in mind that imagining the cross inside person’s body can be treated as an offensive move on the astral level, so please use this method of activating the technique in the cases were you are 100% sure that you are not the aggressor. Remember that you always have the right to defend yourself. However, if after you have used this psychic method of defense you feel really bad, then perhaps you were the aggressor but you just didn’t know about it In using this or any other psychic self defense you have to remember a very important law of Nature – “The Freedom of one Person is Sacred until it interferes with Freedom of another Person” (we talk more about safety of using this and other psychic methods of self defense in our online seminars).

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