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This 8 X 11book with color illustration, personality traits and descriptions of the genealogy races, it is the companion book to a Galactic Genealogy Chart, also included in the book. The Chart and booklet are designed to help you find out what your Galactic Genealogy origins are. I have listed them in alphabetical order. Since photographs are not taking of the Extraterrestrials, both the drawings from the experiencer’s and the other illustrations are meant to be an example of the different races and beings that are in our Universe. Some of them have the ability to appear in your mind and memory as whatever they want, and this induced "image" has nothing to do with their real appearance. They may have you see and remember them as a human celebrity or family member. A ball of light, a gray, a dwarf or even animals such as deer, owl, dog, monkey, because they want you to remember that. Most of the time they may want you to completely forget anything about you're experience with them, so you think it's just a dream. So, we can never be sure that they really look the way we see them. I was asked in by my galactic family, in downloads and channeling to put this information together with full-color illustrations, descriptions of our family and special traits about ourselves. The illustrations and info have been accumulated from many people and sources. Dare to find out what you Galactic Genealogy is!

Galactic Genealogy 8 X 11 color book & Chart

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  • You will receive the  full-color book with chart included in the book.

  • Item will be mailed out within 5 days upon order and payment. Please contact for more shipping options. Add 35.00 shipping if out of USA

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