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ET Experiencer Oracle Deck (Second Edition) Price includes cards, guidebook.


Intuitively Examine Your ET and Contact Experiences with this 54 card deck and booklet!

The ET Experiencer Oracle Deck is intended to be used to enlighten your understanding and memories of ET contact. If you choose, they are also wonderful at helping you psychically read another ET experiencer. Either way, your new deck will shine light on your ET and Starseed connections, giving new information to consider when piecing together answers of your own. The cards and descriptions are broken into two parts. The first section is the ‘Galactic Planet of Origins’ and the second is the ‘Experiencer Cards’. Author Miesha Johnston is a greatly experienced Certified Hypnotherapist Support Group Facilitator. Author Tana Newberry is a Professional Psychic Reader and Renowned Psychic Development Teacher.


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ET Experiencer Oracle Deck (Second Edition)

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