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They Weren't Butterflies: A Monarch Survivor's Story (Volume 2) Paperback – July 14, 2017


This is an autobiography of a mind controlled Monarch survivor. It is the true riveting story of one woman's survival against the odds. Missing time, missing marriage and missing life. When you are born in an MK-Ultra family, you endure trauma based mind control from childhood to an adult, to split your mind into alters. Programming put into alters. Alpha - The first programming put in - includes giving slaves a photographic memory that records everything every alter sees or hears. Beta - is Sexual Programming - The alters are instructed in the art of seduction and sexual pleasure. Delta - Assassination Programming- Alters trained in combat, assassination, and espionage. Theta - Psychic Killer Programming - Psychic assassins able to cause aneurysms from anywhere. Anytime. Gamma - Deception Programming - These alters are trained as deceivers. They spread disinformation and are able to throw a therapist off track. Omega - Suicide Programming - Alters programmed for self-mutilation and self-destruction. Volume 2 of series of 3 books.

They Weren't Butterflies, Book by Miesha Johnston

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