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Connection between Autism and the Extraterrestrial Hybrid Program

Is it possible that there is a correlation between Experiencers (abductees) and so called learning disabilities? Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, ODD and other developmental labels that the school system and the medical field has put on children, partly so they can now be given drugs? These children are very intelligent they just learn differently. I think the main reason is to keep them more manageable. These are all brain abnormalities, and has been observed in over 85% of Extraterrestrials experiencers.

Research must be done to see why researchers last year described brain abnormalities present in the womb. Thisshows it is no longer something the child is given such as vaccinations, but something going on before they are born. Experiencers tend to have more electrical activity going on in our brains than normal people, and it makes sense if one looks at Autism as a disorder of over-sensitivity to the world.

Is Junk DNA part of it? Are women in the hybrid program having children with human/alien DNA thereby causing these abnormalities?

If the children were born on extraterrestrial ships or planet would they be geniuses by our standards. I believe this is the reason the extraterrestrials take the fetuses during an encounter from the mothers who are in the hybrid program and never return them. Does the alien human DNA mixture cause these abnormalities?Is that why the extraterrestrials keep our babies? Do they have technology and due to their superior intelligence, can they assist our children, who are wired differently with human/ alien DNA. Do our children learn and grow with their own superior intelligence? This might be conjecture, or could it be quite possible?

Many experiencers including myself have seen the hybrid children do telekinesis, telepathy and other amazing abilities on board the ships. From some abductee reports, we can assume that the aliens are unaware that their creations, the alien-human hybrids, may also be autistic. An abductee reported that when she was taken onboard an alien spacecraft, she remembers seeing an alien-human hybrid “flapping” his hands just as her autistic son does. Here is an experience I discover through my research. “A woman’s son, age 8, starting wearing a #3 helmet. Previous to the helmet he was diagnosed as autistic, had reoccurring nightmares of what he said were monsters, and told his mother that aliens told him to obey them. However, he reported that he was abducted on his way to or from school. He had several unexplained marks on his body and told his mother that he had surgery. A neurologist who examined the boy said he has an abnormal EEG.” His doctors report that his autism has improved markedly. So did they heal this child?

The prevalence of children with autism jumped by 120% in eight years, according to a new survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There is much talk of over-diagnosis of psychiatric conditions. Parents are indeed increasingly keen to name and treat juvenile behavior that might have once seemed benignly immature. However, for autism rather than for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, for example, a bigger challenge is diagnosing too late or not at all.

The CDC found that children were most commonly diagnosed at age four. Uta Frith, Emeritus Professor at University College London says that “Arguably, exploring the mind of the autistic person is the nearest we ever have gotten to meeting an alien intelligence.” “As an autism researcher I know that in the last 50 years we have discovered some amazing things about the autistic mind, but there are so many more to be discovered. <strong>“Arguably, exploring the mind of the autistic person is the nearest we ever have gotten to meeting an alien intelligence.”</strong> What is so different about the autistic mind? This is the question I am obsessed by.” .

I have even discovered that children with Down syndrome have differences in their DNA as well. Is it possible there is a extraterrestrial connection to some or all of these so called learning disorders and syndromes? Since some of these syndromes are found in the womb. I will continue my research on this topic.

Check out this article.

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